3D DWG to Sketchup

Ezicad can now convert 3D DWG solids to SketchUp entities. In Acad or similar these are represented as either solids, regions or body’s.

The picture on left is from Bricscad Pro and is the model of a toroid and a sphere.

Ezicad can┬átessellate┬áthe appropriate entry’s and convert to a series of SketchUp faces for rendering in Sketchup.

This picture is from SketchUp.

2 thoughts on “3D DWG to Sketchup

  1. You are definitely one of my faoirvte people at the moment. Just started using Revit not long ago, and I wanted to utilize it for a project I am working on. I thought you couldn’t apply materials to sketch up models, but i guess i was wrong. Thank you so much. Ill be coming back here often to see the tip of the days!

  2. RK, i must say this is a very good tip. This allows you to do regnreidns quicker by not having to model little things in revit. Very nice tip. Keep up the good work.

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