Ezicompare – compare dwg files

Ezicompare is a simple to use utility program that allows you to

  1. open up two related DXF or DWG  files and display them side by side and synchronize there display.
  2. run a compare option that greys out common entities, displays changed entities as well as deleted and inserted entities.
  3. Ezicompare creates a list of deleted,changed and inserted entities so that you can pan directly to the differences.
  4. save the difference display as a dxf or dwg which can be opened in Acad for editting and printing.

How to Run Ezicompare

After downloading Ezicompare we suggest that you first run the example drawings supplied. The instructions to run the software is:

  1. Double click on the screen icon to run Ezicompare.
  2. From the File menu click on “Open”
  3. For file1 click on Browse. The file open defaults to the my documents\ezicompare folder. Double click on example1.dwg
  4. For file2 browse to example2.dwg
  5. The two files are displayed side by side with maximum extents.
  6. You can pan by pressing the wheel button and dragging the mouse.
  7. You can zoom by rolling wheel away or to you.
  8. There is a zoom window and zoom extents icon that you can use.
  9. To display the differences click on the difference icon.
  10. Common entities are displayed in grey etc
  11. On left of the screen you will see tree list of deleted, changed and inserted. Double clicking on any of these will display the appropriate entity list.
  12. Clicking on any of these entities will display the zoomed entity.
  13. Clicking the file save icons allows you to save the first file with deleted entities in red. Clicking the second file save icon allows you to display the second file with entered entities in green.
  14. Use these saved dwg/dxf files as necessary in any other CAD package.