To Sketchup

Create 2D drawing in DraftSight.Using Ezicad we can convert a 2D drawing and create a SKP file that can be read in by the free version of Sketchup.

At present we recommend that you create the 2D drawing using DraftSight. DraftSight is a free CAD program that allows you to design in 2D.

In this simple example we have drawn a top view of a simple CarPort that we wish to visualize. In DraftSight we first draw in the concrete base as a rectangle. The six posts again as small squares. The length ways beams and the smaller beams across the Carport. We have drawn in the roof trusses again as simple rectangles and the roof as two rectangles a left and right side.

Each of these entities are placed on there respective layers. This is good practice while CAD drawing and also allows us to manipulate the CAD data in Ezicad.

Within Ezicad we bring up the DWG to SKP export function. We specify the units in the DWG drawing. At present we are restricting Sketchup output to be in inch’s. We have done this as the majority of models available are based in inch’s. Thus any Sketchup models that we import will be in the same dimensions as our drawing.

In this example we can specify how we handle closed polylines. We are setting the appropriately closed PolyLines in the DWG into Faces in Sketchup. Furthermore we can specify by layer whether each of these faces has a vertical offset and a vertical extrusion.

So not only can we create the SKP we can also parametrically specify how the components are drawn in 3D. The design procedure would go something like; create the SKP and view. If not right modify the table and keep trying until the SketchUp file is acceptable. See the screen shot above.

Finished CarPort

Rendered Image

We can now finish off the model in Sketchup. We have used the paint bucket  option to set the base to concrete. Set all the timber to a timber color and placed corrugated iron on the roof.

We have set this example up as a tutorial with more detailed instructions and downloads.