Stage 3

In this stage we will finish off our design.
We need to add in our roof. So go back and open our drawing back in DraftSight. The roof needs to be done in two sections - left and right. Create a new layer "lroof". Again using the "draw" - "draw rectangle" command enter in a rectangle - lower left -100,100 and upper right at 3600,5900. Repeat for the right hand side roof.
We have filled in the table as above. There is no extrusion value specified for the roof. Hit OK and open in Sketchup.
The design look OK. We could add in side bracing etc using the same general procedure.
We are now in a position to add in textures etc to the faces automatically produced. At present this need's to be done manually within Sketchup. We are going to set the base to concrete, all the beams etc to a wood and the roof to corrugated iron. After doing this we can get a view as below.
This concludes this simple introduction. Using the same principles you could design a more complicated structure such as a house.

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